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Fabulous!! What a lawyer! 5.0 stars Posted by Antonietta July 31, 2018

I could not have asked for a better outcome in my case. Nancy did exceptional work with my case. I couldn't be more thankful for that. I felt very welcomed by her and from the moment I first met her I knew I was in great hands. Nancy is very knowledgeable and realistic throughout the entire process; she always answered all of my questions and was able to put my mind at ease with matters that I was nervous about or unsure of. I am truly thankful to have met such a professional person who did just what I needed to have a better outcome for me!

The Right Place - 5.0 stars Posted by Sandra November 17, 2017

Nancy was dependable, caring and knowledgeable. I knew from my initial conversation with Nancy, that I wanted her to represent me. It was a difficult time to have gone through a divorce, but I felt more confident and optimistic with her legal advisement. She genuinely cared about my concerns and replied in a timely manner. I highly recommend her to represent anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and skilled attorney. I know they will be in the right place too.

Wonderful attorney and a very good person! 5.0 stars Posted by Olga _ November 16, 2017

I cannot thank Nancy enough for her help during my complicated divorce and some issues after the divorce. She's very efficient, available when you need her, straightforward and tactful at the same time. She has an ability to make you feel at ease during the most difficult times, and you feel like talking with a good and very knowledgeable friend. She got me better terms for my divorce than I expected at the beginning, and when I was about to compromise, she insisted not to do so and she was absolutely right. I would highly recommend Nancy to everyone. Good luck!

My life saver!! 5.0 stars Posted by Christina November 16, 2017

Mrs. Horta was efficient, caring, and available to discuss matters pertaining to the case. She was able to resolve outstanding matters, that others had not. Excellent in troubleshooting, and mediation during times of great difficulty in my life!

Great help during a trying time 5.0 stars Posted by Jamie November 15, 2017

Nancy took over my divorce after I realized that handling it on my own was not the 'way to keep it amicable.' I thought using a lawyer would erode trust and make it more adversarial than it needed to be. Not the case. Nancy understands how to handle a delicate matter without giving ground OR escalating tensions. She handled it expertly. I was very happy with the results. And the matter was settled much quicker and cleaner than I expected.

Best Attorney in New Jersey!! 5.0 stars Posted by Liz August 31, 2015

Nancy came highly recommended and I am more then happy & relieved that we went with her. I came to her with an issue I thought was impossible to get out of. I was in tears & extremely worried. My 1st consultation was 2 hours & by the time we finished she made me feel so at ease, it was like speaking to a friend. She is very committed, very knowledgable & so on point. She explained every step & every outcome that could happen to my husband & I, always so patient & real. She only promised what she knew would happen & I couldn't be more satisfied. Nancy stayed focus & made me feel as if I were her only client.
I know she looks young but she has an extensive amount of experience. My husband & I were so happy with our outcome that I jokingly told him if something would ever happen between him & myself, Nancy would be my attorney. Again, amazing attorney!!

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